Founded in 1986, the Investorlink Group story is one of strong and continuous growth.

Founded in 1986, Investorlink has over thirty years experience as a global specialist provider of financial/advisory investment, and cross border transaction services.

Our objective is to add value for our investors and the companies in which we invest, through experience, knowledge and relationships.

We have a history of sustained and strategic growth across sectors and markets.

Investorlink Group - Key Milestones 1986 - 2018

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Investorlink established.
Investorlink securities granted an AFSL.
Investorlink est. first industrial property Syndicates $10m.
Propertylink (Holdings) Limited incorporated.
Investorlink Corporate est. Corporate advisory services.
Investorlink Securities issue Australia’s first capital guaranteed products with Citigroup and Credit Suisse. A$300 million.
Investorlink leads buyout of CSC’s Australian Wealth Management Division $6m.
Investorlink IPO CSC Wealth Management Division on ASX - Current Mkt Cap $1.1bn..
Investorlink commences initial scoping of China model.
Investorlink est. AustChina Private Equity Fund raising $20m.
Investorlink establishes Investorlink China Limited.
Direct investment in China begins.
Investorlink Securities commences underwriting and direct Investment in HK and China.
Investorlink focuses 100% on Chinese business.
Propertylink (Holdings) Limited merges to expand business model to funds management.
Investorlink advises Chinese Technology Company on ASX compliance listing. Current Mkt cap $23m.
Investorlink China Limited establishes as joint venture for lodgement and management of Investment Class visa applicants..
Investorlink advises Chinese parent of 99 Wuxian regarding IPO on ASX.
Investorlink completes pre IPO funding for Chinese ASX IPO.
Investorlink completes second Chinese technology company (99 Wuxian)'s IPO on ASX. Mkt Cap $106m.
Chinese visits by Executive management of Investorlink exceed 100.
Investorlink establish Lead Broker unit for IPO facilitation and Distribution.
Investorlink administers over 150 Self Managed Superannuation Funds..
Investorlink complete restructure to prepare for third Chinese technology ASX listing year..
Investorlink complete third Chinese technology listing (eCargo Holdings Company Limited)'s listing on ASX. Current Mkt Cap $58m.
Investorlink completes fourth Chinese technology IPO (Enice Holding Company Limited) on ASX.
In bound M&A focus: Food..
In bound M&A focus: Education.
Investorlink commence restructure for next two Chinese IPO’s on ASX .
Chinese visits by Executive management of Investorlink exceed 150.
CIQ Approval for fresh milk into China(Norco).
Propertylink IPO’s on ASX Raising A$500m.
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Enice Scheme of Arrangement Mkt Cap $114m.
Retech IPO ASX Mkt Cap $100m.
Childcare Masterfund Establishment.
G8 Education raising A$100m.
Norgin Corporate Advisory.
Largest Australian Bakery wholesaler sell side engagement $1.4bn.
Australian Agriculture Fund establishment $100m.
HK Parent Childcare establishment/Australia/China $300m.
Australian retail Brand China Partner procurement.
Corporate Advisory and Direct Investment into Australian Gaming and Fantasy gaming platform $70m.
Chinese payment company exit $24m.